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At Sushi Kyoyumaru, we are able to offer the freshest ingredients at the best price by shipping them directly from Awaji Iwaya Fishing Port.

Seasonal fish that can only be savored in that season are also purchased, carefully prepared, and brought to the customer in the best condition by skilled knife handling.


Fresh Seafood from Awaji Iwaya


Our special red vinegar

The rice is made with red vinegar, allowing you to enjoy authentic Edomae Sushi.
The perfect amount of acidity and saltiness of the vinegar is applied to each grain of cooked rice, resulting in excellent rice.

Not too hard, not too soft, just the right amount of firmness to loosen up in your mouth and complement the ingredients, but not overpower them.


A variety of dishes

In addition to sushi, we offer a wide variety of dishes from our standard menu to dishes that incorporate seasonal ingredients.

The menu also goes well with alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy the variety of flavors that our chefs have created.


A wide variety of alcoholic beverages

Delicious food is accompanied by delicious drinks.
We have a wide variety of beers, sours, and wines to help you find your favorite drink.

In particular, we have prepared a selection of sake that goes well with our sushi, including the local "Fukuju".
Please enjoy them with your meal.

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